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Warehousing:  State-of-the-art technology with real-time web-based reporting and fulfillment.  On-line order placement and tracking using barcode and inventory management systems.  Secure, clean and protected facilities.  We warehouse and manage medical and business records; computers; medical, laboratory and specialized equipment; case goods and systems furniture; and supplies for all industries.

Our warehouse is approximately 9000 square feet with 22' high ceilings.  It is a brick / block and steel structure with the best insurance rating for the reduction of potential fire hazards.  The fire suppression is a dry-system with an independently heated control room.  This type of system only fills with water when triggered, eliminating the possibility of freezing pipes.  The warehouse has (6) separate, independently operated gas heaters. 

Both our fire suppression system and our alarm systems are centrally monitored 24 hours a day.






1. Care or preparation in advance, foresight

2. Prudent management; economy


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